We are Waking Up to Ourselves

WHAT DOES IT LOOK LIKE¬†to wake up and become aware of our infinite selves. Beyond the basics of form and thought and emotion, but into the threads of our spiritual selves and how these weave throughout our physical experience on earth. We all have had moments of clarity. And at Humanity Awakening, we’re sharing those moments that stand out for us as AWAKE. Aware of our conditioning, our understanding of ourselves and others. How we are playing the roles that are just perfect for each moment, and how beyond that we are one powerful universal force of ALL THAT IS.

WHAT’S YOUR STORY?¬†Please email me if you’d like to be involved in our project of testimony. What can you share about your own awareness moments that might help another, or begin to weave us back together into one.

Blessings, Ardel