EVERYTHING YOU HAVE EVER DONE was designed by you to bring you to this moment. Yet the entire world that you perceive was created out of an old consciousness. This includes everything – all the people in your life, the “world situation,” the work you do and yourself. Once you realize that your reality is literally a consequence of what you perceive and believe it to be, you can consciously use everything that happens with the certainty that you are its creator rather than its victim.

From this place, you can utilize more innovative tools to consciously transform any “contractions” you might feel to more fully wake yourself up in order to turn around every “problem” or issue to your advantage.

With the ongoing awareness that you are truly the creator of everything that you experience, you realize that as nothing is fixed, everything remains possible and on the table.   There is no “cause” other than you. For as the universe is fluid and malleable, it can be consciously imprinted by you to use whatever happens as a tool continually raise your frequency. And the frequency you consciously choose to resonate with can determine your experience of life to infinitely expand your options.

Throughout your day and in all your activities, take a few deep breaths and continually notice that all that you hear, speak, sense, feel and think arises out of the Presence of who you really are. To re-member this through shifting your focus to this simple realization will align you with the always-present POWER that is the antidote for all learned patterns of negativity and darkness.

Remember that anything you do or don’t do from a place of lack or fear — or from the sense of victimhood or powerlessness — will not ultimately serve you as you intended, but instead will only keep your belief in scarcity and limitation intact. While it might appear that your “outer” world has changed for the better, your “inner” world (which literally creates your reality) has not. So despite appearances, any scarcity-based patterning has only been reinforced and become even stronger.

Trust that you are already enough. The incorrect belief that you are not enough is something you were acquired long ago. To transform it, first become aware of, question and challenge the learned conditioning and habits of inertia that are common to all of us. And you can now do so with the certainty that whatever you truly want will ultimately manifest as your life.

The Journey out of Illusion