ONE MEMORABLE EXPERIENCE FOR ME¬†was that tender moment when I lost my sister to cancer. We were close and as she became more and more ill, I was very involved in her care. At the time of her passing, she’s recently been moved to a facility about 100 miles from me, to be closer to my siblings and parents. About 11pm on December 23, 2009, I got a call from her caretaker that she would be passing within the next few hours. It was an icy night and I made the difficult decision not to travel to be with her but my husband and I held vigil for several hours. We talked about her and meditated and prayed for ease as she crossed over, and somewhere around 2:45am we fell into sleep. Within minutes, I was brought out of sleep with a painful elbow jab landing squarely on my right eye. I cried out and woke my husband just enough for him to see my pain, and then the phone rang. Startled and disoriented, I answered to learn that my sister Lisa had passed just seconds before. The room was buzzing as I began to come to terms what had just happened, not only on the physical plane, but also at a much deeper level to truth.

Over time I’ve processed the loss of my sister and also of that experience. I understand that I was having a direct experience of myself and, at the same time, something larger than this physical form. I was connected to my sister as she passed to source. I was tied into the infinite. And that tether is always present.

A Poke in the Eye